Xcopy Invalid Number Of Parameters Error

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. do not know much about Windows at all) I looked up xcopy and how to. and destination to avoid getting invalid number of parameters error.

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I am trying to run the below batch and keep getting an Invalid number of parameters error. I have no idea where I have gone wrong. It all looks perfectly.

Apr 5, 2011. To avoid the Invalid number of parameters error of XCOPY, the software surrounds directory names by quotation marks, in case the directory.

Discussion. XCOPY copies files or groups of files to and from directories. 4 – Initialization error (not enough memory, invalid syntax, path not found) 5 – Copy.

Mar 24, 2011. Batch files have comparatively easy syntax and can have many uses, so this. And, because of the xcopy command line switches chosen, but I get an error message "Invalid Number of Parameters" when running the script.

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The reason it’s throwing that error is because you cannot have spaces in folder paths in a command line program, because it sees every word seperated by a space as a seperate argument. Use "xcopy \servernetlogonfile.ini.

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Batch file XCOPY error: Invalid Number of Parameters – I've been all over google searching for an answer, and while there are several threads here at SO that discuss the problem, none of the provided answers seem to work.

Oct 16, 2012. To avoid the Invalid number of parameters error of XCOPY, the software surrounds directory names by quotation marks, in case the directory.

Feb 1, 2008. Then, if your batch file processes an arbitrary number of input items, you can process. @echo off echo Backing up chapter files xcopy c:book*. If you redirect its output to the nul file, any error messages simply disappear. than letting whatever programs the batch file runs encounter invalid filenames.

Error in batch file to copy folder: 'Invalid number of. – I get the error "Invalid number of parameters". xcopy /s/z D:\Documents and Set. Error in batch file to copy folder: 'Invalid number of parameters'.

Re: Xcopy – Invalid number of parameters The source paths contain spaces therefore you have to use quote-signs around the path. The path Z:\Advisor GPO\GPO Enabled.

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returns error: Invalid number of parameters. Batch File Error Using XCOPY – Invalid number of parameters-2. Exclude multiple file extension in xcopy. 1. batch.

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