1062 Mysql Error Duplicate Entry


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Jan 31, 2013. The main reason why the error has been generated is because there is already an existing value of 1 for the column ID in which you define it as.

I'm trying to insert a huge list of users to a MySQL database but everytime I try I get the error: #1062 – Duplicate entry '' for key 2 It gives me this because the.

Jul 22, 2013. It isn't saying that there is a duplicate entry in the table already, it is saying that. That is mysql db error.all you need to do is that, if you do your.

Jan 21, 2016. How to solve MySQL error code: 1062 Duplicate Entry?, MySQL Error Code:1062 , error code:1062. How to fix mysql error code:1062? how to.

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May 27, 2011. In addition to Sabeen's answer: The first column id is your primary key. Don't insert '' into the primary key, but insert null instead. INSERT INTO.

mysql>CREATE TABLE t(a INT) ENGINE = InnoDB; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.44 sec) mysql> INSERT INTO t VALUES(1),(3),(1); Query OK, 3 rows affected (0.04 sec) mysql>ALTER TABLE t ADD CONSTRAINT UNIQUE(a);.

Error "Duplicate entry. freebsd # mysql test < songs.sql ERROR 1062 at. FORMAT=DEFAULT then I get the error #1062 – Duplicate entry '1' for key 1.

There are many tutorials on PDO already, but unfortunately, most of them fail to explain the real benefits of PDO, or even promote rather bad practices. The only two.

> >> > >> ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry. If the host crashes these changes will be lost and on restart mysql will. ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry – replication:

Dear all, I have a login table in the database whose definition is as : CREATE TABLE `login` ( `log_id` int(4) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `user_id` int(4) DEFAULT.

Disabling the Event Scheduler. Slave: Duplicate entry ‘_transient_doing_cron’ for key ‘option_name’ Error_code: 1062 C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.1binmysqld: ready for connections. Version: ‘5.1.33-community-log’.

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1062. duplicate value into a column with UNIQUE INDEX or PRIMARY KEY INDEX. For example; when a table named ‘account’ has a column named ‘company_name’ and that column has a UNIQUE INDEX (values for ‘company_name’.

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mysql> show slave statusG ***** 1. row *****. Last_Errno: 1062 Last_Error: Error ‘Duplicate entry ‘94335’ for key 1′ on query. Default database: ‘live’. Query: ‘insert into charges (amount.

How do I fix this mysql error #1062 – Duplicate entry for key – See image below I am getting this error while trying to import a mysql database.

I have a problem on this error message, when i try this: INSERT INTO `PROGETTO`.`UFFICIO-INFORMAZIONI` (`ID`, `viale`, `num_civico`, `data_apertura`, `data_chiusura.

MySQL error 1062 – Duplicate Entry – MySQL duplicate entry errors can occur for a number of reasons. Attempting to add a record with a duplicate value in a primary key is the most common. View your table structure with PHPMyadmin or whatever client you prefer to ensure.

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